The Heritage of Hannah Neil

On more than 20 acres in Columbus, Eastway operates The Heritage of Hannah Neil: day treatment, outpatient care, in-home counseling and educational services for children who’ve experienced trauma, as well as extensive and ongoing support for their families. The Heritage of Hannah Neil offers a continuum of care, so that whatever a particular child wrestles with at a particular moment, we’re there for them.

One by one, we tackle each child’s challenges with all our resources and tenacity. We work to untangle the damage trauma leaves behind, and replace it with practical coping strategies and newfound sense of empowerment.

Our goal at The Heritage of Hannah Neil is to provide a safe, home-like environment for children and their families to work through their challenges and to overcome the barriers that limit successful functioning at school and in the community. Our programs are grounded in the philosophy of Trauma Informed Care and services are tailored to the specific needs of those seeking our help. Building on key principles of safety, trustworthiness and empowerment, our programs are designed to be welcoming.

Lesley Puett is the Executive Director of The Heritage of Hannah Neil program. Lesley is an independently licensed social worker with decades of experience working with children and families throughout Ohio. For more information about programs and services in the Columbus area, contact Lesley at or 614-409-1400.   

The Heritage of Hannah Neil
301 Obetz Road
Columbus, Ohio 43207

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