John F. Strahm,  President & CEO of Eastway Behavioral Healthcare

John F. Strahm, President & CEO of Eastway Behavioral Healthcare


Our Leadership

Eastway’s prominence in the Miami Valley of Southwestern Ohio is that of being the largest and most comprehensive private Mental Health and Addiction Treatment provider, having responsibility for the care and treatment of more than 5,000 children, adolescents, and adults and their families each year. We have worked diligently over the past several years to ensure that once we take an individual who needs us by the hand, we don’t let go until we have done all that we can do to help.

These efforts have resulted in our ability to meet the needs of individuals ranging from primary care to all aspects of behavioral healthcare and beyond. In addition to the traditional outpatient services of psychiatry, therapy, and case management for people as young as five and as old as ninety-five, we offer housing, vocational readiness, special education, and many levels of residential treatment, and we provide services in homes, in schools, and in the workplace as well.

As comprehensive as we are as a service provider, however, we are enthusiastically reaching out to other stakeholders to collaborate in support of enhancing our overall contribution to the well being of communities, families, and individuals. Partnerships with others having the same mission not only strengthens all of our efforts by reducing redundancy of services and increasing the ease of navigating the system but also inspires a culture of innovation within Eastway and among our partners. Moreover, a primary requisite for effective treatment, positive outcomes, and sustainable gains is continuity of care throughout a continuum of need, and this continuity is best assured when there are no holes in the continuum.

Our prudent growth initiatives of recent years have resulted in our expansion into other communities and as this expansion continues it is imperative that we not duplicate services already in place but that we complement those services in the spirit of collaboration, trust, and a joint commitment to the persons we serve. The result will be better outcomes achieved in a more timely fashion and for less cost.

That is our promise moving forward. 


John F. Strahm
President and Chief Executive Officer


Board of Directors

David Vandercher
Eastway Board Chair
Vice President of Human Resources, Graceworks Lutheran Services

Maribeth Graham
Administrator, Iddings Foundation, Retired

Thomas J. Hickey
Practice Administrator, Premier Orthopedics, Retired

Mary B. McIntosh
Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Sue Thomas
Administrator, St. Catherine’s and Court House Manor

Barry DeShetler
Senior Minister, Christ United Methodist Church, Retired

Mark Lyle
Civic Outreach & Engagement Division, Wright-Patterson AFB Installation Public Affairs

Corporate Officers

John F. Strahm
President & CEO

Cybil Saum-Johnson
Vice President
Director Of Operations

Kelli R. Ott
Vice President
Director Of Administration

Krystal K. Burke
Vice President & Secretary
Director Of Business Development

Lesley A. Brose
Vice President
Director Of Care Management & Compliance

Laura Ferrell
CEO of Supportive Living Solutions