Our Story

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Incorporated in 1957, Eastway Behavioral Healthcare’s mission is to advance the overall health and security of individuals and the community by providing excellent behavioral healthcare, rehabilitation and housing services and to advocate on behalf of individuals with special needs. 

For more than 60 years, we’ve been reaching out to those whose world has been turned upside down by mental illness, addiction, emotional disturbance and trauma, and helped them right it. We encourage people to look at their situation, prospects and potential.

We help them see that better is within reach. We help them feel that they’re not alone. We imagine better for them. And, we enable them to imagine it too.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

We understand that healing takes time. It’s a process. Eastway Behavioral Healthcare offers a continuum of care, comprehensive services that help each person address, one by one, their needs and challenges. With our holistic approach, we can guide each person who turns to us for help toward better, brighter days. 

Preventing Mental Health Problems Before They Start

How do we make sure our kids have the coping skills they need in today’s complicated world? How do we improve relationships so kids don’t feel isolated? How do we help the child who feels bullied? How do we empower our kids to have the positive self-esteem necessary to endure any of these issues? Eastway is uniquely positioned to not only focus on kids struggling with mental health issues but preventing them as well. And in today’s current climate, Eastway believes prevention initiatives are more important than ever.

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Eastway Behavioral Healthcare's story includes chapter after chapter of challenge, opportunity and change, and we have emerged from each stronger and wiser with the power of imagination propelling us forward. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow celebrates our 60 years of imagination and the exceptional care and people that set us apart.