Northcutt Residential Treatment Center

Northcutt Residential Treatment Center provides a safe, healing environment for elementary school-aged boys who are victims of trauma.

These children have experienced physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. They have been neglected. They have witnessed the abuse of family members. The innocence of their childhood has been taken from them. As a result of their trauma history, they engage in high-risk behaviors, self-harm, aggressive, defiant, or oppositional behaviors. They exhibit symptoms of anxiety and depression. Without treatment these children are at risk of growing up to experience significant health and mental health effects later in life. 

Northcutt Residential Treatment Center's services are grounded in the philosophy of Trauma-Informed Care, a Best Practice model, which has demonstrated positive outcomes for victims of trauma. Using a multi-disciplinary team approach, we wrap services around the child and family to help them heal, and to transition back to home, school, and the community. 

  • Who have experienced abuse and neglect
  • Who exhibit severe emotional and behavioral issues
  • Who have been in or out of a local school system; served by a county Children Services Board; involved in the juvenile justice and/or probation system.

Northcutt Residential Treatment Center
4950 Northcutt Place
Dayton, Ohio 45414

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