Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment


Our multi-faceted adult recovery services—evidence-based practice models—create the least restrictive environments and programs so that our clients can go on to lead fulfilling lives in our communities. Through a team approach, each of our clients works with a primary care provider who oversees their treatment, as well as psychiatrists, nurses, therapists and employment, housing and community support specialists.

For adults who need outpatient care, our center at 600 Wayne Avenue is a one-stop location for all the services that will help them heal. There we offer case management, individual and group therapy, substance abuse services, primary care and even an on-site pharmacy.

Comprehensive outpatient treatment includes crisis intervention, assessment, individual and group counseling and case management. Medication-assisted treatment is also available to anyone ready to work towards a clean and sober life.

Evidence Based Practice Models of treatment include Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) and Supported Employment. Specialty programs include Access II Mental Health Court and Women’s Therapeutic Court Services.

Staff at  600 Wayne Avenue  in Dayton, Ohio

Staff at 600 Wayne Avenue in Dayton, Ohio